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December 2019

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Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc., the largest family-owned roofing company in Canada, are very proud to announce the achievement of the next major milestone in their ongoing commitment to the Quebec roofing market, with their acquisition of the well-established and highly respected roofing company, Couvertures Basco. Founded in Montreal in 1976, Couvertures Basco specialize in industrial, commercial and institutional roofing, bringing with them a strong history of superior workmanship, customer service, and a wealth of local knowledge and expertise.

"We are very excited about the addition of the Couvertures Basco team to the ever-growing Atlas-Apex family!” says John Petrachek, President and General Manager of Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. “With the national coverage and industry-leading capabilities that Atlas-Apex Roofing are well known for, combined with Couvertures Basco’s strong local history and expertise in the Montreal market, we are looking forward to continuing to seamlessly expand our national coverage by providing the very best roofing experience for our valued customers in this region." Read Full Press Release

November 2018

Rebranding of the Scotia Bank Arena - Roof Logo

Rebranding of the Scotia Bank Arena

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Every young boy in Canada dreams of one day making it in the “big leagues” and this year that dream came true for us at Atlas-Apex! Ok, maybe we didn’t get to skate on a line next to Auston Matthews or John Tavares, but we were awarded the contract to rebrand the building by changing the Scotia Bank Arena logo on the roof. This high profile contract provided our team at Atlas-Apex the opportunity to publically demonstrate the high level of expertise and quality of workmanship that we perform for our clients each and every day. In an effort to accurately capture the magnitude of the job and share the end result with you, our clients, we created a professional video that documents the completion of the project from beginning to end. Enjoy……and Go Leafs Go!

March 2016

Press Release


With their initial expansion into Saskatchewan via their Regina branch a mere 2 years ago, the further addition of a new location in Saskatoon speaks to the great success Atlas-Apex is experiencing in the province, as well as to the further demand for industry-leading roofing solutions throughout this region. This recent expansion is another key milestone in the company’s national growth strategy, and further supports their commitment to providing their customers with a truly superior roofing experience from coast to coast.

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Atlas-Apex Roofing Group of Companies, is very pleased to announce the addition of a new branch in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to complement their existing operations in the Regina area and provide even further reach and faster response times throughout the southern Saskatchewan and surrounding regions.

May 2015

Press Release


With the grand opening of their new London branch and the release of the exclusive Emergency Response Mobile app in the spring of 2015, they continue to build on their strong foundation of people, technology, and an unwavering commitment to providing their customers with the best roofing experience in the industry.

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Atlas-Apex Roofing Group of Companies, is proud to announce their recent expansion into the London, Ontario market. With an already strong presence west of the GTA and throughout the lower Golden Horseshoe regions via their well-established Kitchener branch, Atlas-Apex is now firmly positioned to provide all of Southwestern Ontario with the same industry-leading service, expertise, and rapid response times that they are well-known for.

May 2015

Investing in People and Technology

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. Featured in Business in Focus Magazine - Read Article

"With its origins going back almost 90 years, Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. remains at the forefront of innovation, while maintaining its enduring commitment to countless satisfied customers.

Active in flat and low-sloped projects for industrial, commercial, and institutional clients, Atlas-Apex regularly takes on large-scale works for offices, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, schools, banks, hotels, and other clients, offering high quality services for re-roofing works; new construction projects; 24/7, 365-days-a-year emergency repairs; and preventive maintenance programs to ensure roofs maintain their longevity."

April 2014

Press Release


With the addition of 3 new branches strategically located in key markets across the country.

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Atlas-Apex Roofing Group of Companies, is proud to announce another major growth milestone, with their recent expansion into the Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Newfoundland markets. With the acquisition of L&B Roofing Ltd. in Regina and Coast Hudson Ltd. in Vancouver, two well-established and highly respected local roofing firms, Atlas-Apex is now firmly positioned in central Canada as well as the West coast. Their new branch in St. John’s Newfoundland completes this phase of expansion, and further solidifies their position as the premier provider of roofing, waterproofing, and sheet metal contracting services from coast to coast. Read more...

The Services Division Takes Action

The Services Division Takes Action

Altas-Apex Roofing Inc. - Download Brochure

The process usually starts with a phone call. Emergency repairs and preventive maintenance – that’s why most businesses connect with Atlas-Apex’s Service Division. The process usually starts with a phone call. We immediately respond with a state-of-the-art, mobile-engaged communications system – another way of saying we use technology to put together the best team in the shortest time and get to your site. When they arrive, they solve the problem immediately and give you a complete report and estimate for the permanent solution. We also provide infrared scanning when hidden factors require further assessment.

The Art and Science of Re-Roofing

The Art and Science of Re-Roofing

Altas-Apex Roofing Inc. - Download Brochure

Our professionally trained roofing crews can work on any structure or size of roof, no matter how simple or complex the roofing project is. Whether it’s industrial, commercial or institutional, we have a great deal of experience with all roofing systems and we always get the job done right.

We employ state-of-the-art roofing technology and have helped thousands of companies all across Canada and the best solution for their roofing needs.

What is a $50 Million Liability Policy Worth to Our Clients?

What is a $50 Million Liability Policy Worth to Our Clients? - New Construction Brochure

Altas-Apex Roofing Inc. - Download Brochure

We may be the only roofing company in Canada to provide $50 million in liability insurance, but we do it for some very special reasons. It gives our customers peace of mind knowing their employees and customers are fully covered in the event of injury.

Atlas-Apex works with you, your team and your tradespeople to determine how and when your new roof is installed. We break down the steps that need to be taken and we give you a comprehensive estimate of all the elements. With our roofing Communications System, we keep you informed, in real time, as the work on your new roof progresses. Plus, you get all the necessary documentation and information relating to your project.

A Conscious Decision To Take Action

A Conscious Decision To Take Action - Environmental Brochure

Altas-Apex Roofing Inc. - Download Brochure

At Atlas-Apex, this is our policy when it comes to the environment: From innovative on-site vacuum systems to the most modern solar installations, we are leading the roofing industry with new ideas and applications. Changes like these are the result of the conscious corporate decision to apply all the resources we can to research and development when it comes to the environment.


Better Communication Is Our Goal - Technology Brochure

24/7/365. It's always there for you. - Download Brochure

Why would a roofing company invest so much of its resources in technology? The answer is simple. Communication. It’s how we get things done. Technology just helps us get there faster and more accurately. It has always been our mandate to create the tools our customers need to understand what’s going on with their roofing systems. That’s why Atlas-Apex uses several unique technological systems to provide our customers with the information their stakeholders need.


A Top Down Approach - Roof Care Brochure

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. - Download Brochure

Atlas Guard is the culmination of 85 years of experience repairing, building and rebuilding roofs and their related infrastructure. We have created this symbol to represent what we deliver for our customers – the ultimate in protection, not only from roof breakdown, but from the time and costs associated with ongoing damage. Very simply, when our customers invest in maintaining their roof assets, they realize a much bigger return on their roof – time after time. And so it gives us great pride to know we are Canada’s number one choice when it comes to maintaining roofs from coast to coast.

Combining Expertise & Technology November 2012

Combining Expertise and Technology - Atlas-Apex Roofing

Written by Robert Hoshowsky - Click to read full article

With a company history spanning over eight decades, John Petrachek chuckles when he remembers finding an old business licence for his roofing business a number of years ago. “I think Atlas was the third company to get a business license in Toronto,” he says. “It was definitely below 10.”

Founded in 1928 as Atlas Roofing and merging with Apex in 1968, Mr. Petrachek joined the firm in 1993, and purchased Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. six years later. As the company’s President and General Manager, Mr. Petrachek and his team of 158 employees bring with them considerable industry experience, along with the latest state of the art... Click to read full article.

November 2012
Combining Expertise & Technology

Not Your Average Roofing Company - Corporate Brochure

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. - Download Brochure

Walk into our offices and the first thing that comes to mind is that we don’t look like a roofing company. Talk to any of our staff and you won’t feel like you’re talking to a roofing company. That’s because we are not like any other roofing company in the world.


With over 85 years of experience in the roofing business, we’ve created a smarter roofing company designed around the way our customers run their businesses. We provide all the tools and information they need, when and how they need them.

Thank you for your interest in Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. If you have any further questions regarding our products or services, or how Atlas-Apex roofing Inc. can address all your roofing needs, please contact us.

July 2011
Atlas-Apex Roofing - Roofing News

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc.: Setting Industry Standards from the Inside

By Camila Osorno

(as appeared in Canadian Business Executive)

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. (AAR) is currently one of Canada's premiere roofing companies. Its origins, however, are quite humble. The Ontario-based company was founded in 1928 as Atlas Roofing, handling mainly residential new construction jobs with a specialty in shingled roofs.

 “We even still have some of the old invoice slips where the total cost of labor and materials is just $5.75,” explains John Petrachek, the company's president and general manager. In 1968,  Atlas merged with Apex Roofing and has since grown into the largest non-union roofing contractors in the Toronto area, working specifically in the industrial-commercial-institutional  (ICI) sector. The company's capabilities and invoices are substantially larger, but AAR still strives to provide only the best customer service and value possible.

With the exclusion of new construction, AAR has a hand in almost every roofing type and has expanded its offering with changes in market demands. “We do mostly re-roofing and maintenance work, including emergency repairs and roof replacement, and we have invested in some green roofing companies to keep up with demand,” asserts Petrachek.

Petrachek maintains a thorough understanding of current market trends and concerns as a member of the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI), Canadian Roofing Contractors Association  (CRCA), National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), and the Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association (OIRCA), and he uses this insight to lead AAR into informed acquisitions for the long-term good of the company. “Our corporate structure is different than some of our competitors because we don’t believe in expanding our company through additional divisions,” he explains. “Instead, we like to invest in successful companies, like our solar company, the way a parent company would, and allowing them to handle that specific specialty.”

Targeting specific sectors rather than geographical locations, AAR works for clients in the healthcare, education, food processing/production, retail, property management and government sectors, applying the most technologically advanced techniques and products to maintain the highest industry standards for quality and service.

The Pinnacle of Personnel Training

AAR understands that roofing is quite often one of the largest expenses for building owners,  and that proper maintenance/servicing of the roof system is the most effective way to get the most value from the original expenditure. AAR uses over 85 years of experience to select the best method/materials to avoid unnecessary leaking, cracking or other types of roofing damage,  saving time and money in the long run. To reinforce its leading position in the roofing industry,  AAR employs some of the most experienced and highly trained individuals, and a key part of the company’s business model is a continual training program. Petrachek explains:

“There was a time 15 years ago when the industry was not as strictly regulated as it is now,  where just about anyone could walk in off the street and take a job as a roofer, but the industry has since tightened its regulations of health and safety measures so we have to work very hard to stay updated in order to keep our employees safe. It’s not just trade skills that have to be taught now and it’s becoming an increasingly complicated trade so it has become harder to find qualified people. The older generation of workers is really valuable because they have an incomparable work ethic, whereas the younger generation is very mindful about safety regulations, but our biggest challenge as a company is training and retraining all of our personnel.”

As a signal of the company’s investment in its employees, the company has made several moves in recent years to increase its in-house training programs. “We have one of the only female health and safety directors, who runs all of our in-house safety training programs, and we also moved into a new facility last year with classrooms and meeting spaces specifically to accommodate the training sessions,” reveals Petracheck. “We even have space for the manufacturers to run in-house, hands-on training sessions to instruct our employees on the proper use and application of new products. We are as a company are very committed to staying up-to-date with the industry’s demands and regulations.”

In Tip-Top Shape for Steady Growth

While some industries suffered a massive impact from the economic decline in 2008, AAR has invested in its own infrastructure, enabling it to undergo atypical growth. With affiliates across the nation, AAR is able to provide excellent, timely service, and continues to grow its presence as a trusted member of the Canadian roofing industry. “A company can either grow organically or through acquisitions, and we have had a lot of both,” reflects Petrachek. “We have had massive growth since 2000, when we went from a small $5 million operation to a multi-hundred million dollar company specifically because of our people, both in the field and in the office.

“Our emphasis as a company has always been service, service, service, and our success is a derivative of the amazing people who work here, who take pride and ownership in the work and of course our commitment to service,” continues Petrachek. “In this industry, if the service department grows, the company can grow its other departments, and we take pride in having a great service department. Even though I own the company, it’s not mine. It’s the employees who own the company, and that is why we offer our employees the full health and benefits package.”

In the coming years, Petrachek expects a steady economic trend will help the company maintain its position in the industry, hopefully with room to grow. “I really don’t see the economy doing anything very extreme in the near future,” says Petrachek. “And the good news about our market, especially because we don’t do any new construction, is that demand for our services is almost recession-proof. We work predominantly with ‘blue-chip’ companies, and even if they don’t have the capital to invest in a re-roof, they will channel the capital they do have towards maintenance and repairs.”

Well-tuned in regards to infrastructural development, trade training and an emphasis on service,  Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. continues to make the investments that will assure its success into a second century.

June 2011

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. announced today that it has moved its head office to 65 Disco Road in Etobicoke.  The new location is a state-of-the-art building specially designed for the operation of a roofing company.  Special emphasis was put on the creation of indoor storage space. Most roofing companies use outdoor storage. Atlas-Apex Roofing is also pleased to announce an additional new location at 390 Trillium Rd in Kitchener. 

March 2011

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc is pleased to announce a 2 year exclusive application agreement with Concrecel Canada.  Concrecel Canada is a sister company to Concrecel USA who is the largest Light Weight Insulated Concrete applicator south of the border.  Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc is pleased to support the continued efforts of an independent LWIC applicator.

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